How travel to Armenia with OST Travel

  Do you want to discover a wonderful land called Armenia? Do you want to immerse yourself in the unique culture of one of the oldest nation in the world?

✅ Our team will help you plunge into the secrets of the ancient history and culture of Armenia, get to know this amazing country in reality.

Qualified and comfortable transport will make your trip memorable. Organize a trip to Armenia with us according to your interests (both in a group and individually). You can choose the tour you are interested in, or generate a new one.

⚠️We are not a travel company, we are a non-governmental organization, representing Armenia and its centuries-old culture

What types of tours can you choose:


It will be incredible to relax with your family in the bosom of nature, visit interesting attractions or take
a walk in the shade of unique trees. You can also take a dip in the pool or ride a horse! Tours are
designed for children over two years old as well.


 Discover unique monuments of architecture with marvelous handmade stone ornaments, unforgettable natural phenomena and geological objects. The guide will tell mysterious stories and introduce you to national traditions and culture.


 Do you want to try unique Armenian dishes, reveal recipes and cooking techniques? We will help you to know the gastronomic features and try yourself in agricultural work directly in the regions of Armenia.


Are you interested in archeology or do you want to get acquainted with the development of astronomy in Armenia? We will help you get acquainted with local carpet weaving, blacksmithing or other crafts. You will also find exclusive exhibits of Armenian museums, theaters and clubs.


 Hiking tours and camping for those who like walking. And the culmination can be a tent rest by the fire. Do you want to ride a zipline, bike or take a rafting on a mountain river? You are welcome!


For couples, we can offer a calm and romantic route to the bosom of nature, impressive views and sights, where you can create a memorable album and make "cute" pictures. Photographer services are also provided separately.


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