About “Cultural Center of the East” NGO

 The non-governmental organization (NGO) “Cultural center of the East” is a public union, which has the status of a nonprofit organization. It aims to carry out socially useful activities and satisfy non-religious spirituies and stateless persons.

 The activity of the NGO tends to preserve, develop the Armenian culture and socialize it by the international dialog.

 The NGO was founded on August 9, 2009, by the group of volunteers, who intended to increase the international recognition of Armenian culture; to promote the development of Armenian studies; and also to encourage oriental studies in Armenia to support the international dialog. The NGO got its legal registration on September 1, 2009.

 The NGO operates according to the Constitution, the legislation, other regulatory legal acts and international agreements of the Republic of Armenia, and also according to its own (NGO’s) regulations on the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia. What about the activities of the NGO on the territory of foreign countries, they’re agreed with the legislation of those foreign countries.

The principles of the NGO’s activities are legality, exclusion of discrimination, good faith, voluntary membership, unity of members’ interests, self-determination and accountability.

The supreme governing body of the organization is the Congress. The executive management is carried out by the director.

The aims and the problems of the activities of the organization are

• Increase in the recognition of Armenia and Armenian culture by platforms of East-Western societal dialogs;
• Stimulation of productive cultural cooperation between Armenia and Eastern countries /all countries of Asia and Africa, Southern Europe/;
• Socializing of Eastern countries’ culture in Armenia;
• Implementation of cultural activities;
• Socializing of information about cultural life;
• Formation of a comprehensively and harmoniously developed person, educated by the spirit of patriotism, humanism and nationhood.

 The organization is available for all those people and organizations, who are ready to promote the preservation and development of Armenian culture, and also the emergence of cultural connection of Armenia with Eastern countries. The NGO collaborates with the bodies of public administration and local government, with the international and foreign similar organizations, with other registered organizations in the Republic of Armenia, as well as with private individuals.

 The organization has about 30 members as of January 2021. There are 30 volunteers involved in its projects. 




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