About “Cultural Center of the East” NGO

“Cultural Center of the East” non-governmental organization was created in August 2009.

 The organization aims are to protect, develop and publicize Armenian culture, deepen cultural cooperation between Armenia and the countries of the East. Organization presents the culture of Eastern countries in Armenia and the Armenian culture in the East. The organization is open to all who are willing to contribute to the development of cultural cooperation between Armenia and eastern countries.

 The supreme leading organ of the organization is Assembly of the members of the organization. For permanent supervision of the organization’s activities, during the period among the convocation of the Assembly, is elected a constantly operating supervisory body of the Organization – The Council. The Organization carries out its activity in accordance with the legislation of The Republic of Armenia, and the legislation of the Organization.


  The mission of the organization is to develop and deepen cultural cooperation between Armenia and the countries of the East. In order to successfully implement their ideas in the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, organization conducts activities in several ways:

  • “Cultural Center of the East”Programs, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, screenings, broadcasts and etc, dedicated to the preservation, development and promotion of Armenian culture in the territory of the Republic of Armenia and Republic of Artsakh
  • NGO holds concerts, parties, receptions, exhibitions and other events, dedicated to the East.
  • The Organization conducts lectures, seminars and scientific conferences about the East, courses of Asian languages, to promote scientific and cultural cooperation between Armenia and Eastern countries
  • On the official website and social networks, the Organization makes selection, processing and publication of articles about the culture of Armenia and Eastern countries
  • In order to develop cultural ties, the NGO implements tourism programs both in the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh and beyond Armenia.
  • The Public Organization helps socially needy layers of population; particularly it helps to provide humanitarian support to orphanages and people who need it.

The NGO also has a library, where everyone can get acquainted with the literature of the East.


 The Organization realizes regular and irregular projects.

 Regular projects include workshops and seminars in foreign languages, literature, history, music/theatre/dance lessons  etc.

The organization has also one-off projects – academic conferences, educational, cultural and entertainment events, publication of articles, etc.


The NGO helps talented young people to present themselves in cultural field, therefore cultural events are organized in different regions of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh, the main participants of which are beginners in music and dance groups, pupils of orphanages as well as cultural communities representing eastern countries.

 The Organization periodically organizes charitable cultural events, to support people with special care and to engage with the community, involving both beginner and amateur level performers, as well as experienced performers and ensembles.

 The organization also carries out joint events with the diplomatic missions of  Eastern countries in Armenia, contributing to the deepening and development of cultural cooperation.

 Experts of the organization participate in various public and private projects. Particularly our specialists have also contributed to the creation of the first Armenian  Zangi.com  social networking app.


 The “Cultural Center of the East” non-governmental organization operates on membership fees, donations and sponsorship, as well as other financial means permitted by the law of the Republic of Armenia, guaranteeing the transparent use of financial opportunities.

 The organization chooses projects on a competitive basis to ensure high financial efficiency.

 Funding of the projects is realized through sponsorship:  the project may have several sponsors.

 Donors’ financial assistance is signaled through the Company’s information system, and is presented during and after the implementation of programs.


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