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About NGO

 Non-governmental organization “Cultural Center of the East” was created in August 2009.

 The organization aims are to develop and deepen cultural cooperation between Armenia and the countries of the East. It presents the culture of Eastern countries and vice versa the Armenian culture in the East. The organization is open to all who are willing to contribute to the development of cultural cooperation between Armenia and eastern countries.

 The supreme leading organ of the organization is Assembly of the members of the organization. For permanent supervision of the organization’s activities, during the period among the convocation of the Assembly, is elected a constantly operating supervisory body of the Organization – The Council. The Organization carries out its activity in accordance with the legislation of The Republic of Armenia, and the legislation of the Organization.


“Cultural Center of the East”  The mission of the organization is to develop and deepen cultural cooperation between Armenia and the countries of the East. In order to successfully implement their ideas in the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, organization conducts activities in several ways:

  • The organization helps to bring together representatives from Eastern countries, living in Armenia, gives them an opportunity to introduce their culture to the Armenian society and to learn much about Armenian culture. The organization also gives an opportunity to national minorities to introduce their culture in Armenia.
  • NGO holds concerts, parties, receptions, exhibitions and other events, dedicated to the East.
  • The Organization conducts lectures, seminars and scientific conferences about the East, free courses in Asian languages, to promote scientific and cultural cooperation between Armenia and Eastern countries
  • On the official website, the Organization makes selection, processing and publication of articles about the culture of Armenia and Eastern countries, gives the opportunity to be acquainted with Eastern literature, video and audio materials.
    Helps to conduct study tours in Armenia.
  • The Public Organization helps socially needy layers of population; particularly it helps to provide humanitarian support to orphanages and people who need it.
  • The Organization holds lectures and seminars on healthy lifestyle, provides free fitness classes focused on Eastern methods
    The NGO also has a library, where everyone can get acquainted with the literature of the East.


 The Organization realizes regular and irregular projects. Regular projects include workshops and seminars in foreign languages, literature, history, dance lessons, singing, etc.

The organization has also one-off projects – academic conferences, educational, cultural and entertainment events, publication of articles, etc.


  The Organization helps young talents to present themselves in the cultural sphere. In different cities of Armenia, it organizes cultural events, involving novice musicians and dancers.

 Many talented artists and other professionals take part at charitable meetings.
The Organization actively collaborates with the representatives of different Eastern countries in Armenia, hence contributing to the development and the improvement of their cultural cooperation.

 All the projects and cultural events of the non-governmental organization “Cultural Center of the East” are realized absolutely for the purpose of charity.

“Cultural Center of the East”


 “Cultural Center of the East” – self-financing organization, operates on membership dues, donations and sponsorship funding. The organization guarantees transparent use of financial resources, provides advertising opportunities for sponsors. The projects are selected on a competitive basis, to provide highly efficient use of funds to support the most worthy and promising initiatives.

 Organization’s projects are financed mainly by various sponsors; therefore projects can have more than one sponsor. With the help of its highly efficient information system the Organization gives its sponsors various opportunities of advertising, of illuminating their activities at different charitable meetings and cultural events realized by the Organization.

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