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Armenia is a country in Western Asia, the motherland of Armenian people, Armenian language, geographical and cultural region where the Armenian people were shaped as a nation, the ancestral land of the Armenian Apostolic church.

Military – strategic and trading signifi- cance of the upland was one of the important reasons for many wars between major powers of the Mediterranean and Western Asia. Full tragic events, the history of the country delayed the mark on the culture and livelihoods of the Armenian people.

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Armenian Culture

Armenian culture has been a complex and flexible system. Being exposed to different civilizations’ interactions, but meanwhile keeping its originality and uniqueness. It is remarkable too of the world culture view, because by taking care of preserving and enriching one’s own the Armenian people had its worthy contribution to the world people cultural treasury.

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The Republic of Armenia

The Republic of Armenia (RA), in short Armenia, is a country in Western Asia  and from the geopolitical side  it’s located in the region of the South Caucasus. The Republic of Armenia occupies only 1/10 part of historical Armenia.

The Republic of Armenia proclaimed on May 28, 1918. In 1920 Armenia was declared Soviet Socialist Republic. On 23 August, 1990 The Parliament declared Armenia as an independent republic, which was acclaimed on 21 September, 1991 during the referendum.

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The Nagorno-Karabagh Republic

Artsakh Republic or the Nagorno Karabagh (Mountain Karabagh) Republic (NKR,) in short Artsakh, is yet internationally unrecognized Armenian second state in Western Asia. Artsakh is located in South Caucasus geopolitical region, historically it was part of  Armenia Major’s north-eastern states  occupying 1/20 part of our homeland.

The Nagorno – Karabagh Republic was founded in 1991 on September 2 on the territory of former Azerbaijan SSR part Nagorno-Karabagh Autonomy and neighboring Shahumyan region

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