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  Armenia, standing at the crossroads of the civilizations, was able to keep its unique place in the world heritage treasury with its culture, which had not only been a guardian for Armenian identity but also international exchange platform. Today it represents with its 100-year-old Republic of Armenia and still internationally recognized Armenian second republic, Artsakh. >>>

Armenia (RA)

  The Republic of Armenia with its thousand-year statehood and 100- year-old parliamentary traditions is a 27-year-old independent country with its unique governmental system


  The Armenian Second Republic Artsakh has historically been the inseparable part of Armenia. From historical city of Tigranakert to the Renaissance Square of Stepanakert: it’s the condensation of the past and the present.


 For many centuries being on the crossroad of civilizations, Armenians have been creating unique culture, which has its worthy place and influence in the worldwide civilization treasury. 


  Armenia is a country where you can find all ages of the history. From 7500-year-old observatory, old wine cellar to high technology centers and post-modernist museums.


 The history of Armenia includes 500 years of fighting and creation. During its long history Armenia has fought against huge powerful countries. The nation has survived the Genocide but still kept its existence.



The monuments of Armenia are stony prays coming out of the depts of ages. Numerous monuments are scattered around Armenia are included in UNESCO World Heritage List.


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